Special products


Coating options in area and thickness

From light, breathable and extremely flexible protective gloves to special gloves for oil, acids and other hazardous substances, both space and thickness of the coating can be adapted to different work areas and hazard classes.

Custom-made quality gloves from Elteks!

Using the latest production technologies, Elteks can respond very flexibly to customer requests. Working closely with our customers, we develop high-qualified, perfectly fitting, made-to-order items that contributes to production process and let them be safe and efficient. This saves time and money and gives our customers a competitive edge. Contact us, we would be happy to inform you on the details!



Gloves with a fastening strap

If desired, we can sew special Velcro straps to the sleeves of longer gloves so that they can be fastened and held in place more quickly.

Oversizes and undersizes

Protective gloves must fit perfectly – only this way can work be carried out safely without losing time. Therefore, Elteks develops special oversizes and undersizes that are coordinated precisely to customer requirements. That' s why our PROTEX product line has a wide range of sizes. As a result: we attain excellent comfort and optimum protection!



Multifunctional two-tone gloves

The various properties, coatings, and colours of our product lines can be combined depending on your individual requirements. The result is high-qualified and safe made-to-order items that correspond exactly to your needs.

Colour options

Elteks can also produce protective gloves in special colours that you desire, unless you decide on a standard version. Special prints (such as logos or text) are also possible for certain protective gloves. Contact us about the details, we would be happy to help you!